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Mandala V

The Rig Veda

Mandala V

God savitri

Rishi Syāvāsva Ātreya (RV V.81)


[By subduing mind with Yoga] learned priests (hotās = invokers)

Align thoughts (mind) and actions (dhī)

With those of the boundless sage and omniscient [Cosmic Will];

Knower of all principles and workings, who is one only [still] supports whole world;

Lofty are the hymns (praises) of god Savitri. ¶1

The eloquent seer (kavi) brings forth all forms and

Brings good for biped (i.e. man) and quadruped (i.e. animal);

Lovely Savitri reveals the eternal felicity (nāka) and

Shines everything like Sun following the dawn. ¶2

The magnificence of (that) god alone, other gods indeed replicate under his aegis,

Who with might and eminence formed the terrestrial and celestial objects:

He is the all-pervading god Savitri. ¶3

O Savitri, you alone go as triple light, you alone reveal well with sunrays,

You alone cover the night from both sides,

O god, you alone become friend with the rule of Law. ¶4

You alone rule the creation decisively, O god, you become its Pushan (nourisher) at all times,

You indeed illumine this whole universe, O Savitri, the Sun (Syāvāsva) sings your glory. ¶5

Does this mean that the mantra did not exist prior to Rishi? The word carries literal and universal sense and not particular. It is common practice to borrow names from scriptures.  

God savitri

Rishi Syāvāsva Ātreya (RV V.82)


We seek the enjoyable treasure (literally, food) of that blessed god Savitri.

We would meditate his magnificent, all-holding and conquering felicity. ¶1

Indeed, no one ever can diminish the supremacy of Savitri,

Which is lovely, glorious and building by itself, like none other. ¶2

For the blessed Savitri bestows treasures on sacrificer (surrenderor);

We solicit his wondrous felicity. ¶3

O god Savitri, impart to us today your divine felicity/grace

As for your subjects/progeny (or along with offspring and subjects). Remove evil dreams. ¶4

Life itself is dream, illusion! Awaken us into this truth.

O god Savitri, eject all the vices/sins from us; give us what indeed is noble. ¶5

We becoming sinless in the reign of god Savitri adore all things magnificent! ¶6

We may today accept and welcome with hymns, Savitri, the god of universe,

Lord of truth who masters eternal creative power. ¶7

Vigilant and all-controlling (or self-realised) god Savitri

Precedes well these [ancient] alternating days and nights. ¶8

One who with hymns (the Vedas) stimulates/guides entire creation and

Brings it forth is indeed Savitri. ¶9