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Mandala III


The Rig Veda

Mandala III

Rishi Visvāmitra


Gods indra-Varuna, brihaspati, pushan, Savitri, Soma, Mitra-Varuna (3 for each)

(RV III.62)


These your esteemed activities in attendance/service of you, the saviours,

Be never harming or never be neglected!

O Indra-Varuna, where is your glory by which you shower resources (food) on the votaries? ¶1

This person aspiring surpassing solicits eternal bliss for fulfilment;

Equally friendly, Indra-Varuna, along with Maruts, Heaven and Earth,

May you answer my prayer! ¶2

O Indra-Varuna, for us be those riches!

For us be the heroic glory related to Maruts!

For us, there be the magnificent, fulfilling knowledge of invocation (the Vedas),

Along with accompanying care and rewards! ¶3

O god of the universe and Holy Speech, Brihaspati, accept our hymns (havya);

Shower engaging riches on the offeror/sacrificer. ¶4

In the benign Yajñas, salute the brilliant/purifying Brihaspati with Rik hymns.

I seek the glorious and unrelenting ... ¶5

[Who is] magnificent wish-granter of men (or giver of rains), assuming all forms,

Indomitable, lovely Brihaspati. ¶6

O luminous god Pushan (or Sun), this newer splendid hymn

Is sung by us in your praise. ¶7

Accept my speech (Vedic hymn) victorious in truth debates.

Protect my intelligence, like the lover, his beloved. ¶8

Who looks after all the worlds and witnesses them through presence in every being,

This Pushan might be our guardian! ¶9

We meditate god Savitri’s (Creator’s) lovely, bedazzling glory

[that scorches karma seeds from sprouting].

He stimulates our thinking. ¶10

Then dawns the realisation that my actions are part of Cosmic Will and Order. The inspiration and stimulation are part of Rta (Cosmic Law & Order).

Deliberately intent, we pray for the bounty of blessed god Savitri. ¶11

Motivated by his Will, leaders and learned men

Worship god Savitri with hymns and well-designed/serving holy rites (Yajñas). ¶12

Men so inspired worship him in speech and practice.

One who is blessed (Soma) and knower of hymns/secret doctrine,

Sings praises of the source and seat of gods and Rta (Cosmic Law & Order)

And attains him. ¶13

Soma (god of bliss) provides salutary food for us, our cattle, bipeds and quadrupeds. ¶14

Boosting vitality and lifespan, and trampling barriers to lofty life,

Soma may be our champion. ¶15

O Mitra-Varuna, like teacher and people

Who create protective and friendly aura around,

So you two, well-intentioned, sweetly enrich the worlds with waters and edible oils. ¶16

O hugely praised, bestower of riches, and those with pious vows!

You by virtue of might (or intuition) reign the world with majestic works. ¶17

O Rta-enhancers and hymn singers (teacher and pupil)!

You dwell close (next) to source of Rta (Truth/Vedas)

And secure bliss (Soma). ¶18