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Hardev S Thakur


Born and brought up in religio-philosophic family in India; developed insights into yoga, the Vedas and the Gita; currently settled in Auckland (New Zealand).

He starts his day with morning bath and chanting of Vedic mantras. Then follows yoga-abhyasa (yoga practice), pranayama (breathing exercises), and quick samadhi (meditation). On weekends he gives yoga training and regularly speaks on the Vedas and their relevance.

Currently he is into translating the Rigveda hymns, a gigantic task. The Rigveda itself has more than 10,000 mantras. Translation was started in 2011 A.D.

This task is nothing new. Vedas had been an ageless tradition. However, the onus (rather solemn obligation to pay the debt of Rishis) lies on every one of us to recite, understand and propagate the tradition as far as one’s capacity allows. Let us pray for blessings.

Noble (bhadra) intentions/powers from all realms may overwhelm us,

Which are unharming, indispensable and uplifting;

So that unrelenting guardian gods day in and day out promote

Our prosperity (or wisdom rallies) for a long, long age. ¶1

May the noble insight of dutiful gods make our life easy and simple!

We may land in the bounty of gracious gods!

We may secure auspicious company/favour of the gods!

Gods may extend our life for fulfilment! ¶2

With the ancient Vedic hymn, we invoke gods Bhaga (Bliss),

Friendly Mitra (god of day and in-breath), Aditi (splendid Nature or Holy Speech),

Unharming Daksha (skillful or perceptive creator), honour-keeping Aryaman,

Favourite or favour-granter Varuna (god of night and out-breath),

Sober Soma, twin Ashvins (enhancing vitality and firming lore) and

Auspicious Sarasvati (goddess of learning and water) showering felicity and rains. ¶3

May felicitous Wind [as Prāna] blow to heal us;

So do the mother Earth and the father Heaven nurse;

So too ecstatic savants (or stones or clouds dripping Soma [nectar]) promote our well-being!

O mystic Ashvins, promoting practical wisdom, answer our prayer. ¶4

To supreme lord of mobile and stationary, fulfilling us mentally and inspiring our thinking,

We invoke for protection and well being (svasti)

So that Pushan (nourisher or Sun) foster our body, wealth and vision. ¶5

May Indra, lord of ancient/ageless fame, riches and inspirations (sravas),

Be well-disposed to us! May all-reaching Pushan foster and nurture us well!

May Tārkshya of unhampered and salutary rule (or cylce of life) make our course safe!

May magnificent Brihaspati be gracious unto us! ¶6

Those strong and fast Maruts, storm gods (or priests or heroes),

Borne in skies (or wide ranging or well known),

Leaders and accomplishers in fights and debates;

Those wise, far-sighted (brilliant like Sun), with Agni-inspired speech (or offering oblations),

Vishve Devas should attend us and bestow protection. ¶7

O gods (or learned men), may we hear what is noble!

O altruist sacrificers (priests), may we see what is noble!

May we, blessed with sturdy limbs and bodies and lauding you,

Enjoy the god-allotted life span in service of gods or all life (deva-hita)! ¶8

O blessed and companion gods, for hundred autumns (years),

We may live until our bodies age and our sons grow into mature guardians (or fathers).

Do not kill us in the midst. ¶9

Aditi (= eternal, recurring Nature or Holy Speech ) is the heaven; Aditi, the sky;

Aditi, the mother, father and son; Aditi is Vishve Devas; Aditi, five senses (i.e. men);

Aditi, the born (that happened); Aditi, to be born (or yet to happen). ¶10 (The Rigveda I.89)

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